Lesson Materials

Here are some great exercises and diagrams to work on specific techniques and theories.


Basic Diagrams:

Note Flashcards

Rest Flashcards

Owl on Drums Diagram

Language of Drumming Alphabet



Basic Beats

Cross-over Exercises

Drum Soloing Concepts

Drumming Basics

Drumset Fundamentals (Dave Black/Mark Dorr)

Drumset Fundamentals (Bob Breithaupt)

Drumset Fundamentals (Marshall Mailey)

Drumset Fundamentals (Kristen Shiner McGuire)

Fills and Fundamental Beats


Fundamental Grooves (Pat Petrillo)

Latin Drumset Grooves

Latin Music

Latin Styles: Brazilian/Afro-Cuban

Learning a Groove

Paradiddle Exercises

Ride Cymbal Techniques

Rock and Pop

Stroke Types

Two Minutes

Understanding Rhythm

Unionville Warm Up