Lesson Policy



Lesson fees are $125.00 per half hour PER MONTH, paid by Check, Cash, or Subscription with Pay Pal or Credit Card.

All fees are paid for the month in advance and are due on the first of each month.  These fees are subject to change, if such changes occur the instructor will give a minimum 30 days notice.

This Fee includes: A weekly ½ hour private lesson, discounts on lesson materials & books as well as a membership to training/technique videos and documents on ChesterCountyMusic.com.  Students who wish to receive an hour lesson may select that option from the drop down below.

You may sign up for your lesson by using the option below.  Chris uses paypal for secure online payments.  Payments will go to chestercountymusic@gmail.com

Sign Up for Lessons

1.   Students are scheduled a weekly lesson appointment.  It is very important for all students to arrive on time and be prepared for their lesson.  Late students will receive a short lesson.

2.  Students should attend all lessons; however, if a conflict arises the student must give twenty-four hours notice.  If a student knows in advance that the lesson cannot be taken on a particular date, they should inform the teacher at the beginning of the month.  It is the student’s responsibility to reschedule the lesson.

3. Students may schedule a make up lesson with their instructor if they have a conflict with their normal lesson time.  Students have 2 weeks to make up their lesson. For students who cant find a ride they are encouraged to take an online Skype Lesson.  Available lesson times are viewable on Chris’ Online Schedule.  Email or call for makeup lesson availability when you see the open appointment you’d like.

4. Your instructor will make every effort to be at all classes but if for some reason they are absent for a lesson they may use a substitute or try to reschedule to another day.  If the student cannot reschedule then we will issue a refund for that lesson.

5.  Holidays and Inclement Weather – Lesson pricing has 5 weeks of vacation/snow days already accounted for, please check your teachers calendar for their holiday schedule. Your teacher will contact their students during dangerous weather situations.

6. Discontinuing Lessons – Please provide your teacher with one month advance notice if you decide to cancel lessons. If you discontinues lessons without notice or in the middle of a month you will be charged for the rest of the month.


1.  A minimum of 30 minutes of practice per day is recommended.  Remember, the more
time you spend practicing, the faster you will progress on your instrument.  Set aside a block of time every day for practice to insure your progress.

2.  Students are encouraged to continue study over the summer.  Both teacher and student schedules can be adjusted to accommodate vacations.

3.  Discontinuation of lessons – Please give 1-month notice for terminating your scheduled lesson time.

4.  Once you’ve singed up with lessons with Chris, please fill out this New Student Information Form.  It’s only a few questions regarding student info and emergency contact.

5.  Most importantly, remember that music is fun!